analoq - Groovicide

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Arranged by:
analoq Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Antony Crowther (Ratt)
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Ah Yeah! It's a great idea and it's definately not a direct cover! The chord progression sometimes sounds a little wrong to me though.. Still, it wouldn't go a miss in a 70's cop show!:)
Kinda relaxed and a well implemented tune but the instrument choices dont seem to fit right
Nice idea to make the tune all 1970s blaxploitation funk mixed with cop show, and I'm sure this style on another tune would work wonders. But is IS a cover of Hotta from Sky 2, no matter what.
Me likes! I love porn-groove! :D
Very original, and certainly groovy.
Really unusual, and it's great to hear such an original take on a classic tune
Fantastic idea and great arrangement but it should definitely sound more acoustic.
Smoooooooooth and Funkay
Really nice touch. Something like groove-armada-meets-sid. Lovely!
Alot of these jazzy remixes out lately.. This one reminds me a little of get carter for some reason.. N for that it gets a high mark.. Cool stuff
Very funky and creative work! Don't miss out on analoq's other material!
Loungy! I'd love to hear more from analoq!
Nice, groovy.
Groovy! Too bad we don't have a real horn and a vocal lead. That would have made this song very good.
This is the standard to which we should hold all remixes: If a song is not immediately identifiable to the general public as some kind of "video game song, " then it has done its job miraculously well.
Nice attempt, but a little too much reverb for this kind of style! Could've been Outstanding. Bummer!
Very nice Groovy thing :)
This one rocks
Review by liontamer


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

The original version of this remix had a quasi-dramatic red herring-style intro that I thought would have went over well here, but it wasn't my choice not to include it.

I'm overly familiar with analoq's style due to his superlative work over at, so I'm glad he chose to submit this mix to R:K:O. a.p.'s always highly creative and interpretive with his arrangements and this was no exception. Absolutely effective work transforming the original via some funked up interpretation.

Conservative mixes are fine, but this displayed way more creativity and risk, and I think it did Ratt's SID work greater homage as a result of showcasing the composition's versality not just through the genre change, but also through the addition of original composition ideas alongside the original melodies.

The composition featured excellent flow and dynamics, the samples & instrumentation were excellent (very nice string & percussion work, as well as the bassline and electronic sounds), and the production was absolutely crisp. Not trying to say that it's undisputably perfect, but I certainly can't find anything notably wrong with it. A high quality groove and catchy all-around! Great work per your usual, a. p.