André Müller (Crefelder) - Ocean Loader 2 (Airplay Mix)

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A third, organic, a third electro and just a third on the lounge side. Brilliant.
Excellent eletro remix of the famous Galway tune, very nicely executed.
Great new take on the good ol' loader tune!! Only thing I question is the lead instrument (playing together with the piano) heard at 2:20, a bit too loud.
Enjoyable one with some minor mixing issues.
The lofi elements on this is exellent! A very nice idea. It lacks a bit of punch and edge, though. Like a few corners have been cut around an otherwise great idea.
To me, it's the chords that make Ocean Loader 2 so great, and they are nowhere to be found in this remix. Otherwise, this is above average stuff!
Lo-fi effort with a really punchy electro beat that carries the whole tune nicely. It's a good effort and certainly punchy enough.
Like NecroPolo said
I love this remix, cool electro tune. :D
Rather unique and unusual, but it works. Sounds just a wee bit thin due to the lack of chords.
I love the original. This version is nice in itself, but I miss entire harmonies and melodies from the original.
It's good, but nothing that I've haven't heard in other remixes.
Very nice reworking of a classic. A tad bright though.
Good but not the best remix
Not bad, synth is a bit whacky.

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