Animal - Outrun SplashWave (Klappstullen Remix)

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I like this - the mix is a little compressed on the drums leaving the tune a bit in the background but it's all good...
The opening part of the cover is far too repetitive and doesn't draw the listener in, no matter how good the rest of it is (which is not too bad)
The intro lines the tune up for something good but somewhere along the line it fails to deliver a final bite
Very nice cover! Very relaxed.
The best outrun-remix ever! =8-D
Very Good Conversion! Could be louder...
Orange goes for the incredible opening :) the bass/drums are too much at front, you also should vary the drums more. Anyways like it.
Sorry not really what I'd have expected of it! Could have been better in the main part after that pretty _nice_ intro...!:-)
I really like the understated lead. The intro was a bit too long making repeat listening a bit frustrating though.
Fantastic Intro! And great remixing!!! I Love It!
Woow I love the laid back feeling of this remix.. This plus the original SplashWave => just great (although some more effort should be put in the part after the intro, eg. More variations)
A bit too dull for this wonderful SID. Too little speed feeling!
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I ear this song more than 1000 times , repeat all time. Is the best remix for Out Run ;) 10/10