Anthony Norris - Plastic Pop (The Past Remix)

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Original SID:
Original composed by:
Tomas Danko
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Very nice remix, the vox panning is a bit annoying...
OMG instant love *cranks up volume, dances in chair* thats sooo happyclappybouncyunzy with just the right amount of dirty grindy and stomp...! And the funny references to other scene stuff... -> ipod, continuousplay
Great! Like it a lot! The Synths sound cool - the intro is working perfectly - just the voice samples are a bit too loud (only mho).
Nice remix! Nothing outstanding, but quite enjoyable!
This catchy tune works very well for me! Thumbs up!;)
Ok, 35 seconds in and I tht it was weak - then jesus it kicks in and actually probally one of the best pieces of the year so far, but the lead is too powerfull and drowns out the back end - but Jesus - this is almost perfect - Welcome to the Remix Scene!
Excellent attention to detail, very nice effects, reverb, echo are all used well here. Has that 8-bit-sid quality well placed too. Great use of vocal effects or whatever they may be, acapellas.. Good good.
Very nice version
A- don't like the darker vocal part, but still, an outstanding remix!
OMG! This one has it all - 80s old school rap, robot voices, 90s style eurodance-synth just missing a Diva style lead singer for the hook to make it almost perfect 80s/90s pop. Even the SID's Galway jingles with perfect fit.
This one just works! I love the rapping and vocoded bit is just genius.
I liked everything about this one, especially the rapping.
Wirklich mal was neues und gutes. Echt klasse.
Very well done.:)
The lead sound is too raspy, sounds out of place. Arpeggios are also misplaced, IMHO. Plus points for the funny rapping voices! Great production, awesome ideas.
This is almost outstanding. I think its not quite, though (IMO). I really enjoy it, though. I like the voice-work. Playful. On second thought: Its outstanding!
Just listened to apollo2k's remix of Plastic Pop and this one is just a little bit less good. A well-deserved orange.
Great song, but can't hear all the lyrics (shitty system), can you post them? (I can't stop listening to this)
One of the best remixes ever heared..... GREAT!!!
Very catchy, and I like the use of the sid.. Its kinda funny how the sid doesnt sound like an old instrument anymore (timberlands fault? Lol)
Wow, really great song. I usually don't like rapping, but the smurfed up song with FX works great here!
I love this Freestyle rhythm... I can listen to this for hours :)
This kind of music defiles my memories of c64 sounds - although it is made at a pro level.
Pro, but doesn't hit to my heart. Pro use of vocoder!
Had to listen to it several times to confirm the Outstanding mark! In short, this is THE 80's Tribute Song. As a bonus it also stays failthful to the sid in every way. Even including it in the song. It's currently on my All time top 10 list!
Mr norris can I haz lyrikz pls?;)
Great Tune in Euro Freestyle Style. Fantastic!!!!!
A perfect Freestyle Mix!!!
Das Teil gehoert auf Platz 1!
Great Song. VERY NICE FREESTYLE TUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great. Sounds like a Pro Production.
Tum Di dum like it
Very nice tune. Well arranged. Like it much.
Super trooper track!!
Its okay.
Wow! Love the freestyle rap in the middle, and I don't typically like rap! Let's hear some more!
Very nice work! :D
Like the style, like the arrangement, simply great fun to listen!
I never liked the idea of having vox on them superb old-school tracks, but this one works for me for some reason :)
Really a "non standard" tune! Really fun to listen to, very inspiring!
Great retro feel!
Master, this was very good! .. I can say no cons
Great job, clean, lovely, professional
Like the retro, not so much the vox... Not quite a red, but pretty good!
Freestyle! I love it! Great ideas throughout the track! 2:12 is so Man Parrish Boogie Down Bronx! *thumbs up*!:)
I'm not much of a hiphop fan, but since is so well produced, I'm going to give it a red face anyway.
Ah! Amazing remix, it combines old school samples and drum kicks with a perfect SID tune. Well done Anthony.

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