Anthony Walters - Hessian - Title Theme [epic vocal soundtrack]

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Hessian - Title Theme [epic vocal soundtrack]
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At first, thank you all again for your votes, nice comments and radio plays.. In general I have not much time doing music, so it makes me very happy that you guys like this remix.


While playing around with the SID WAV recordings of the Hessian title theme, I thought this track should originally be a mixture of SID sounds and some real (sampled of course) instruments, at last it's an epic orchestral piece with vocals .. but there is still one single lead SID voice in this track.. who can spot it?? 😊




Hessian - Title Theme [epic vocal soundtrack]
Yes, epic!:-)
Goosebump-inducingly epic!
Very good professional work I download It because It remember me POP Sand of time.
Wow. That was on another level of excellence. One of the times a vocal lifted the track significantly and fitted so well without feeling tacked on.
Hawt! Very Zoids-ish, you could easily turn this into a Zoids remix so like.. You should!
Great work mate. On the Cadaver & NP thing, I contributed but one SID to this amazing game. This here is all Cadaver :) Great composer, he is.
Awsomely epic!
This is pure bliss! Need more of those epic+vocal by the same author/performer!
Fkn Fabulous. I had to look up the original and then was even more impressed with your version (not disparaging the original, commending a fantastic rework of a great (but short) original)
Epic! Yez!
Great track, no words for the voice and arrangement. With better libs and better orchestration it would be top notch.
Absolutely amazing track. Even Glyn couldn't do it better.
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That track is a great example when you try to explain, what a C-64-Remix IS. You give the other person the original tune, he recognizes it immediately as C-64-Music. Than you give him this remix, and enjoy his reaction. Absolutely amazing track, I really enjoy it every time I hear it.