are be - Moon Patrol (Parafondo Mix)

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are be Remixer
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Nicely mixed and a great original take on the arcade. Great break towards the end. But I guess this is actually an Arcade tune!:(
Loved this! Fantastically smooth and when it kicks off at around 4:10 it really rawks
It's a very nice alternative version of the arcade tune. Problem is the original tune's a bit weak and this version's a bit too long. Still, good effort, but should be elsewhere as it's an arcade cover.
A very unusal mix, very original. Thumbs up
Moon Patron isn't appropriate for remixing, but the outcome is really outstanding. The recording seems overdriven, so only orange. @makke: we don't vote codecs and you didn't complain @ "Rastan" which has lots of crackles and hisses.
Different.. And good for it
Is it just me, or is the mixing a bit off? It says 192 kbps, but for some reason I get the feeling it's a 128 kbps MP3, encoded with a crappy codec.
Nice synth tune with a great mellow part.
I like your style, especially your ambient-like sound. There are some great instruments as well. A remix highlight.
Nice atmospheric music. Feels kinda like "Hired Guns."
Very nice version here!! Like it a lot!! Never heard a really good remix of that one yet!! So this is the first now! Another trial would be nice into way more _arcade_ style version!! :-D
Too slow, is not bad, but is too slow for me
Isnt this, you know, taking the original and doing your own thing with it, going a little too far... If it isnt, this is truly wonderfull then, but use at least 2 different sound modules next time. I think.;)
Nicely done.
This one's quite far from the original. Which is good, bc the original kinda sucked. :-) I like the Vangelis-like sound at 3:25.

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