Turbo Outrun (Outrun V12)

Track info
Arranged by:
aszabi Remixer
Composed by:
Jeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
All-Time charts position:
Not bad at all, for some reason I just don't think the instruments well that well, kinda old fashioned sounding
Quite ok.
Very nice instruments and soundscapes, but I'm not fond of the arrangement.
Its got lots going on and is something different, I really like the Jarre type bass, nice work!
Great arrangement, great sounds! The only thing I don't like in it is the lack of the "pulsating chords/arpeggios" of the original.
I like the power and stlye quite much. I miss some kick-da-head power beat as the tune develops. With that, it would blast the enamel off the teeth :) For me, the best one in the latest pack.
A proper Turbo Outrun remix and its brill - great idea to expand on the original's tasty Get Ready tune!
Great mix, nice use of sounds, full of energy!! All in all top stuff
Nice tune

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