Axes Denied - International Karate

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Nearly gave this a very good but often the sounds seem to merge into each other which makes the mix a little disconcerning.
Really nice and mellow, well produced with good use of guitars throughout. The mixing is right, and the way the tune merges into each bit is actually spot on. Excellent stuff, this.
Like it!
Just had to give a very good for being a bit different. Not perfect, but it's a nice tune.
Nice, but lacks a bit on emotion...
Nice use of synthm guitar, and drums. What are you doing here, submit this to ocremix. Org and vgmix. Com as well.
A nice mellow mix. The only thing letting it down is the bass occasionally getting lost in the background.
This is not too bad... Better than the Bubble Bobble posted the same day I think.
Great version, BUT why on Earth everybody uses a lame synth or organ as the lead instrument in the fast part which screams for an angry electric guitar?!?
First half: super-smooth guitar-laden, mmm... Mellow! Second half: GREAT idea for the 70's groove, but replace the lead instrument with something punchy. Really good idea, though!
Great Feeling, great sounds!
There are a few wrong harmonies that lower the fun for me. The fast part makes up for this - real 70s karate movie groove.
I loved it - gentle and fun - great dreamy quality
That's great!
I can hear what it was meant to sound like, but it's not so well-executed so I can only give it a "Good" vote.
Awesome bass, great guitar arpeggios, and some nice keyboards.
Outstanding for the groovy second part!
Review by winc


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Okay at first I honestly didn't like this piece - it just felt too "alien" to the original C64 master piece, it didn't "feel" right. But then by 40 seconds into the piece where our chorus starts I warmed suddenly, and then something I have waited to hear forever in this piece happened at 46seconds - just that guitar playing harmony in the background.... Well that was it, when that happened this piece held a special place for me.

The tone of this piece is a lot different to most other remixes I have heard, and while it isn't as good as some in technical excellence (some of the mixing needs some work as some instruments are either too harsh or lost in the mix), it certainly holds itself together as a interesting and very fun run through someone else's take on the original music.

The "funk" feel later on was... very daring - in fact I almost didn't think it would be able to be pulled off, but the musician did in fact make it really interesting, and the smooth mix from funk through to the rock again was very well done. This is one musician who certainly knows how to technical move through the genres well as I have seen with others of his work.

I still feel this piece however misses out on that Nostalgic feeling because he does take the piece way off from the original one in my opinion. But overall the technical power of the changing genres and feels, and artistic skills present certainly make this piece a worth while and fun listen.