Balage - Giana Sisters (cLOUD remix)

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Arranged by:
Balage Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
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Another addition to the many Giana Sisters remixes. Certainly not the worst, but not outstanding either.
I fear Giana Sisters remixes need more of everything these days.
Hehe, I have to agree with Amok. A good tip is to download the whole lot of Giana sisters remixes to know whats been done before making a new one. This is not bad, but far from the best mix around...
Is it me or my headphones or is there a lot of clipping? And then there's the, let's say creative parts that I find are a bit overdoing things. Certainly not bad, though.
Not bad.
As Amok said. You can find 40+ Giana remixes on KWED - you'll have to create something really special that sets your remix apart from the others. Or, you have to top Machinae Supremacy...
My favourite song
Not bad!
Good mixing, but that's about it. The instruments are not particularly exciting, neither is the arrangement. Nem rossz, de a sok Giana Sisters remix közül ez nem tűnik ki semmivel.
It's mixed well, but it's just been done too many times before and especially in this style of tune. Need to try something else.
More variation on instruments, and they all said it, it needs to be more orignal.
Nem rossz:)
You had me through the pads, through the beginning bassline and even through your first low/high-end freq. Build-up. But when you gunned the horrible Nexus-preset lead after the take-off, you lost me. It just sounds awful! Nice job up until that though :)
LOLKaaaaaaaa ez a zene is nagyon jóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó!!!
A little boring! My favorite Giana remix is the True Blue version by Dr. Future anyway!;-)

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