Bart Klepka - Big Benn

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Bart Klepka Remixer
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Review by Chris Abbott


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A megamix of many Benn pieces, from Ark Pandora through Last Ninja. A suitably frenetic intro is joined by a strange piano lead to complement a straight dance rhythm. The main piece is taken forward by Ben's SID burbles, but in this case, the cover would have been better suited by having a sharper and more stabby replacement for these: the burbles aren't segregated enough to suggest the necessary madness, and just don't feel punchy enough. At 1:48 the tune seems to go a bit Pete Tong melodically, but since it's 720, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, since that's got some odd chords in it. When Bombo kicks in, the whole thing begins to sound like Robert Miles (as if it didn't already!). Some pads float about to add width to this section, which work well enough. The main problem with the megamix is that the necessity for a constant beat and sound means the individual parts have to be bent and shaped to fit: a process which mangles some more than others. Ben's Last Ninja Wilderness tune loses its Swing-type beat, for instance. Much the same happened on Chris Huelsbeck's 'Giana Sisters Megamix", which was disappointing for me as a fan of the individual pieces, because none of the parts had the atmosphere of the original. So, this cover, while technically very well done (I'd argue with the lead in the Last Ninja section though) falls victim to its own structure and ends up less satisfying to Ben fans as a result. Efficient but strangely unsatisfying.