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On the first warm and sunny day in march this year i went to the carwash.
Did a groovy compilation of my favourite reggae tunes on my usb-device for my car.
While i was cleaning the car that sunny beach holiday mood from the music hit me really really HARD....
My first thought: Hell this is the real deal Turned the volume up...this awesome vibe was spreading to the people around me like an infection.
The first time people don't yell at me to keep my music at low level Well well, i need a reggae tune myself i thought but much more bassy than the old reggae stuff.
Said and done. Later at home i began searching for the right SID. After a few seconds i found Blasphemy by AMJ. That's it, perfect
On the first WIP's the whole instrumental doesn't sound right. It was much to flat. Some tweaking and heavily subbass later it worked even on my crappy little car speakers.
Cool....much to much bass for people with a good hi-fi system or a night-club but perfect to let my car vibrate..
So the bottom line is that i did this tune for my car. Never did so before. But it's fun to float around the streets on this.
So please enjoy this little artificial reggae smoothie.

Have Phun!

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Mr. Beeee-Zerk is back and this is a superb AMJ remix. Fantastic execution, great use of stereo; lovely ear-candy!
Nice :)
Great to listen to a new remake by BeeZerk. Fantastic work!
Sweet reggae-sounding piece. Nice bass!
Very nice track.
Perfect so much fun remix
Woooooahhhhh!!! Thank YOU, duuuude!! :-D Great one...
Nice music for your car :)
A good sort of cross over of reggae and early nineties dance music soon had me up doin a little shuffle
What's up with the bass?
Such a summerish song should be in the air! Good cup of reaggae ready to roll em' up.
I like this one!! Always nice to hear tracks from Beezerk!
Very well made! Have to listen it in my car
What should I say? Brilliant!
Very nice! As always!
Is it possible for Beezeerk to make an awfull remix? Seems to be NO! Great Job!

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