BeeZerk - Floatee

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Arranged by:
BeeZerk Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Kamil Wolnikowski (Jammer)
All-Time charts position:

Well, what can I say about this tune.

It's my first C64 Remix and my Introduction in this SID Game. (Thanks to Dafunk for recommendation and support on it!)

It's an uplifting, trancey and pretty housy choon. It's pretty long because i think that a Song has to develop,
and on this lenght it blossom to it full glory. 
And for me it's the perfect way to realize my bunch of ideas that i have on each Track. It's not that radio-friendly but perfect for a Club. 

It was the first tune i've heard that i 
loved from the very first second when i was listening thru the HVSC archive.
It sounded very special to me, different to all other tunes i've heard untill that day and that's why i choose to put my hands on IT!
Have nothing more to say, get a listen, enjoy and have phun!


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Although a bit long this track really blows me away. Beezerk took the lead of the sid and morphed it into some friggin' great uplifting filter disco house typathingie... Well done my friend, congratz on your first sid remix mate.:)
Pretty sweet... Me like.
Just takes you away!
Base line is similar to Bros intro (M. A. C. C. ) but jesus WTF did you do with the sid lead its AWESOME - a little too long but too bloody good for me to hark on about that! AMAZING
Now this is good use of SID in a remix. Very good remix.
Sounds good!:-)
One of the more pleasant remixes in a while!:-)
This is top 4!! You got the lead synth down to a T and the twisty tones are shweet! MORE!
Great! And for a first remix: outstanding! It has the groove, it has the sound and the original's SID-lead is used perfectly and it still keeps some of the original's spirit. Way to go man!
What everybody else say, but you use some nexus preset arpeggios which doesn't fit unless you change them, therefore not full score from me.
This is just great. Personally I have nothing to criticize quite the contrary. :O)
Nice remix although the occasional "house-chords" tend to distract sensitive ears.
Another unknown track, another stonking remix!
It has it's moments. It's very good.
Up there with the best!!
Ok... I'm happy... That's somthing I'd play in my car.....
So what if it uses the odd Nexus preset arpeggios! (they fit perfectly by the way!! ) This baby rocks. Keep knocking 'em out like this puppy, and I'll be well happy!
Hmm... Not special for me, quite repititve...
I find this quite pleasing to listen to. :) Edit: Think it deserves top grade ;)
Hi, author here ;) I find this remix good, however, have to point out some flaws :P tune is quite long, it could be halved and lose practically nothing. Besides some chords are out of place (minors instead of majors for example) still, I've enjoyed it!
Nice use of the SID here in the remix, not outstanding but still darned good!
This rocks!!!! Can't help moving and humming, great tune!
I love the lead
Yet another amazing remix by BeeZerk!:)

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