BeeZerk - I Love Bees

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Arranged by:
BeeZerk Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Balázs Bócsa (Angee)
All-Time charts position:
Known from Subzero's Podcast 34 - The 1st Anniversary Special.
Have Phun! 
Vote distribution
Another one of these super groovy tunes! I'm loving it!
I love BeeZerk
Yeah... Thats the BeeZerk stuff I love so much...
Cool loop
Oh wow - this is Beezerk! Simply funky as shit!
This made my day!
Another funky track from BeeZerk... Nice stuff.....
BeeZerk is back with another groovy tune! Keep on going, you're pushing out fantastic music at an impressive rate :)
Xexe, excellent work in here.
My humble individual vote for the week.. Lovely, lively, groovy, funky beez.. This one from the master bee himself!
One of the few tunes here lately that caught my fancy. Very good!
Funky easy-listening stuff. Well done, BeeZerk!
Just perfect!
Funky Beezerk stylee as always!
Groove.. With jam on it!
Wooot very good!
Everybody loves bees :)
Wanna become a DJ? Bloody great!!!!!!!
Instant win. (just add water)
I love beeeeeezerk!
Highly funky, but a wee bit boring, really. Outstanding production, but the tune itself isnt that good, IMO.
I can't get enough of your tunes, BeeZerk.. Your work is always stunning, and this certainly isn't an exception! One of my all-time RKO favs!
Should answer the question: "Who is BeeZerk? " :D Dancey, swingy funk-beats.... MORE!
Heard this one on slay actually, it blew me away immediately! Top stuff as always! Thanks for giving so much positive vibe to the scene :)
This is awesomely groovy, especially if you consider the somewhat blah original SID BeeZerk had to work with.
Nice Nice, not the top best but fine with me
Absolutely brilliant! I love the high pitch guitar sound, reminds me of "Gettin' jiggy with it" :-)
Heard it on slayradio this moment and absolutely LOVE it!! Great!
Hot summer stuff!!
A funky uplifting easy going little track
Feather-like funky stuff. Even though I'm a diehard metalhead, you can't pop up a reason for me not to like it!:)
Honestly, I am mighty impressed. Good work fella! What is that guitar sample?
My feet is moving! Can't help it!
Sounds just like all the other BeeZerk tunes. Well done, but nothing special! I prefer the Laugh tune.
Agree with Omoroca.
I love bees, too!
Needs a singer singing about loving bees.

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