BeeZerk - Lets Fly (Skyhigh)

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Lets Fly (Skyhigh)
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BeeZerk Veteran
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three decades combined in one choon. 70's Disco styled string combinations, 80's c64 chipsound and mid 90's Houseflavour.
Have phun
Ps: Please no discussions about length, it's a Club cut so it got an intro and outro. If you dont like it that way skip it! 
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Wow, great remix! A little too much SID-lead and a little too long. With some vocals this could have been a radio hit.
Stylish! Mixing is awesome! Great use of the SID!
Wow, I love this one, the mixing is top notch and the SID-usage really takes it to the top! If I would to complain about one thing, it would be the lack of vocals. But the tune itself carries it by itself all the way to the finish line. Well done!
80's Early 90's Disco hit - Jesus - this is awesome - and yes with vocals could be the best tune of the year so far - Stunning Mastering!
Never heard of the sid tbh, and I knew what to expect long before I downloaded it, this is king bee doing what he does best.
Amazing stuff BZ! I always liked ur music style and combining the sid in it makes me like it even more! :D
Outstanding :)
Very nice techno house track
Had to join the forum to tell you what an outstanding mix this is. Wouldn't sound out of place in a nightclub. Spot on. Well done.
No complaints. You hit the funky sweet spot! And love the original SID passages. Very, very well done.
I love Disco! Great stuff!
High production values, but kind of lost me after a while.
Great combination of disco and SID. Love it!
Fun-kay! Perfect mix of disco and SID, great production, excellent mixing, one foot-stomping par excellence!
Very good production and great work, even if I don't like the genre!
Slightly worse than BeeZerk's average, unfortunately.
Good tune, good mixing!
A perfect example of everything it tries to achieve.
Good production, boring tune.
Three words: funky, funky and funky! It ticks all the right boxes and has some luscious sounds, and good use of the SID in the right way. So much fun listening to this one!
Good quality but a bit too loopy / repetative for me and also ending could be improved. Still a good remix!
You keep me flyin' - higher and higher....!
Ist zwar nicht so abwechslungsreich aber geht dafür gut ins Ohr!
Nice take on the tune. Too bad a few parts kinda ruined this could-be masterpiece.
Hehe, disco house :D Excellent.
This song grooves. Very funky!
Nice, but due heavy repeating quite boring....
Anything that BeeZerk touches turns to gold, in my opinion!
It's that kind of music I don't like to much horrible repating sounds, brr
Beezerk is Disco Stu!
Just brilliant. Im loving that funky disco vibe :-))
Disco Disco!

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