Betweenzone - Last Ninja (Analog Synthmix)

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One of the tunes that made me want to stick my stuff up on this very site, it has a very warm feel to it and even coming back to it now it makes me smile and im compelled to listen a fair few years on.. Thats a good thing :D
I love those old-fashioned artificial sounds. Aside from the drums, this sounds almost like a chiptune itself. Great job! Added to my collection.
Review by Chris Abbott


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Some drum lines funk, some don't. This does. Forget about the grandeur of sweeping landscapes, this is Ninja funk. A slightly out-of-time lead filters its way through the tune playing the intro. At 1:17 the tune finally gets started, but the lead doesn't quite work: it's just a little too raw, though you can hear what it's trying to do. Unfortunately when the tune starts, the driving force of the intro drums is lost. Partly that's because the bass and drums don't mesh properly and interact a funky fashion. Ben's guitar solo in the original piece was always a bit out-of-place stylistically, but here, though skilfully played by a human, has way too much modulation, and so sounds ill. Somehow if that bass and those drums could work together, this would have been funky mutha. But instead it leaves me strangely disappointed, especially considering their previous Ninja cover (Wilderness). A superior rework of a samey tune let down by the drums.