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Hhahah, this so reminded me of Keaton / Lloyd movies... The style suits the sid excellently
Teehee! Very funny but as a remix I couldn't give it more than a good - you did say you were not serious!
All you need now is Harold Lloyd about to fall off some clock tower! This really suits the SID down to a tee too. Excellent stuff.
Haha, made me smile this. Sutis the SID very well, but it somewhat fails production-wise. Still quite enjoyable.:)
Nice idea, and fun indeed. But it seems the part from 1:00 to 1:20 is raw sid2midi or so? And I suppose the occasional bum notes are intentional :D
Good attempt. But it lacks quite a bit in the instruments.
Silent movie music ^^
The original is so annoying, a wonder how this turned out as a funny movie score...
Very funny and out the mass anyways :-)
Being funny is not an excuse for poor quality. Okay, I get it, it's "silent movie" music with intentional recording noise, but at points it's just painfully out of tune (like starting at 1:04).
Well done, but, please: next time can you use a dynamic keyboard?
Great!! Ex-hybris/Nemesis _back_ in style!! :-) Wanna see/hear MORE remixes _and_ (WiLD! ) demos again, dudes!! :-D c'mon!!
Great laugh! :D
Polka your heart out! Funny and fun remix, good work! Made me smile.
I can't help but love this! The unsteady speed, the off notes, everything! Makes me happy!=)

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