Binster - Blue Wizard Is About To Die

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Arranged by:
Binster Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Tim & Geoff Follin
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Blue Wizard Is About To Die

Chunky remix of Tim Follin's Gauntlet 3 tune. Phatness abound.
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It's not a bad little remix - I just wish the scratching would stop!
Dreadful scratching sound that however good the mix in the foreground is (which isn't that great) just obliterates it.
I actually found this one quite stomping, agreed the scratching is too in your face but the rest of the mix flows along nicely
I quite fancy this! That bdrum really pushes my button.
Wow! Future Sound of London anyone? Can't find anything wrong with this, I like it a lot.
Nice ideas, but the scratching gets in the way far too much for my liking. The remixer needs to really decide what direction they want this piece to go.
This would fit perfectly on the Rez soundtrack.
Like it
Well, if the scratching would have been real - but like this it's "only" good.
Quite a thumping dance style track with ove zealous use of a scratching effect. Not a bad effort all said and done.
If the scratching would have been used more wisely... It should have got an yellow one
Nice one! But still misses something to really _kick_ off!! The drums are great though! And the scratching is nice although 'a bit too much'!
Not sure why everyone was so focused on the scratching. Would have loved the melody to be more prominent, but the homage to the original is outstanding. This one needs more love. Hot work, Martin! VASTLY UNDERRATED!
Too much mess.
This one's style is weird somehow, but also leaves an artistic impression. The remix is good but the world isn't ready for it yet.:-)
Good :)

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