Xout (LiquidX mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Binster Remixer
Composed by:
Eddie Svärd (Hank)
All-Time charts position:
XOUT (LiquidX Mix)

Dancey remix of subtune 7 from Xout.

Dodgy production, I'm afraid, but a top choon nonetheless...
Really nice choon. Actually love it!
Very unbalanced EQ, and overall a little muddy. Enjoyable though.
Good show Binster. Now learn to title your mixes properly so I don't have to fix filenames/tags.;)
Eq's are all over the place which is a massive shame cos this is a solid mix.
Pretty nice effort on the whole considering the original doesn't do much. Maybe needs tweaking a bit in the mixing department, but a solid effort nonetheless.
Nice... EQ does a bit upset me...
Crank up the volume! Got some off instruments, but the rest is very well done. Got punch and drive. The interlude at 2:40 is just awesome! When you thought it's built up to it's max it just gets better.
Yay.. I gave this pretty much the same rating over at another site.. This is one of my favorite x-out remixes
DAMN!! WHAT the hell have you done here, man!? :-( There's _way_ lots of solid potential in _this_ mix.. But it got nearly ALL destroeyed with those eq-exaggerating... :-(((( What a pitty... :-((( Try again, please!!
Indeed the EQ is very strange. Too bad, because the tune is WONDERFULL.
Oh yeah!=)
Sounds good. Nothing special, but Good!
Every time I listen to this tune it takes me on a journey. Pure sweetness. All the complaints about the unblalance.. I donno, it works for me somehow, I like the seperation.
Hm, the EQ is strange indeed, mix it again, dude :)

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