Bitcrusher - Maniac Mansion (Maniac M rmx)

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Bitcrusher Remixer
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Pretty rocking standard affair, could have been better if the horrid squaky sid part had been removed and played by something else
Puffy64 revisited?
I am not a big fan of using SID fx through a remix but the guitar riff is awesome. It rocks - a bit
This mix would have been a lot better if the SID effects were taken out and the guitars concentrated on, as the guitar parts are nice. It just doesn't work as it is at the moment.
The sid Fx fit, personally I prefer the puffy64 version, but this rocks, too!
Doesn't work for me....
Gayest beginning to a remix EVER.. But it gets alot better alot quick.. I like the oomph of the snare its what makes me listen :) nicely done.
One of the first good MM remakes, thanks!
The combination of SID and guitar works fine for me, but teh sample at the beginning, I don't know...
Good stuff!
I dislike most of this except the snare (greetings from the Beasty Boys)
Some good, some bad... But does not really work
YES!! YESS!! YEEESS!! :-D Maniac Mansion CLASSIC does have _way_ to less remixes until today!! WHY is that!? Finally there's another one trying and it's surely not too shabby! Please all you musicians! Try MORE MM-remixes instead of 10001st Giana-rmx!:-)
Reminds me on Puffy64's MM Remix, although I like his more, this is very cool...
You simply cannot evade the groove of the original, which is woven nicely into this remix.
Best MM-Remix so far. I like the well placed SID parts. Guitar rocks.
It starts so nice, but then the guitar spoils it. Too noisy!
Rock the mansion :-) cool....
Never had chance to play that game.. But this MIX is Absolutely insane great! Love those 64 elements via e-guitar.. Hope I hear more like this in future

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