Blue.FlaME - Hi Ska Do (Dojo Remix)

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One of my favorite logical games on the C64. It was released in 1992 on the Magic Disk 64. The aim of this simple but funny game is to combine each equal pair of jewels wich disappeared afterwards. If you select the second one of the pair it moves to the first but it only is able to do a curve twice. Otherwise you have to free it's way first. After the board was cleared and you managed the level in time (theres a countdown during the game) you get 5 points each second wich is remaining. The whole games consists of 128 levels wich I never gained yet (but I'm still trying :P

My remix is a cover of the title tune that is played during the credits, the highscore etc. I tried to get the chinese mood of it into mine as well as possible, but it's my first remix at (and my first REAL at all) so don't be angry with me if its too boring ;).
Annoyingly repetative. Very boring.
Pity about it being repetative but I liked the style and mood of the piece
I would have given a good had there been more variety added - but who am I to talk :)
Average and repetitive - the original SID is to a degree but there you go.
Not bad. Nice mellow touch, but a bit too simple for me...
Too thin! Too repetitive! And I dont like the drumkit! But however, nice effort and somewhat apart from the usual Unz! -stuff presented here...
Boring... Or I am tired :-)))
Well done tune. Maybe not a vorspiel tune, but it's nice to listen to.
Nope... Please re-do that one again... In a better way without that boring repeating all the time! Add way more style!
The sounds are quickly getting annoying. Nice precussion.
Nice! Could've been Very Good if it was more interesting. I like the drums-only break at 3:35.

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