Boz - Chimera Subtune 2 (Vanguard Ahoy Mix)

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Very nice remix!
I really liked this one!
You really don't make it an easy task to vote on this one, Boz. Technically well pimped but nothing really new. So... I can only give a "good". Forgive me!:)
Excellent use of the original SID sounds, which I usually do not prefer in remixes, but work very well in this arrangement. They give the remix a very retro feel. Very good buildup in the intro, great non-SID instruments, well-balanced mix.
Finally you released it - YAY!
Yup :)
Good arrangement but its basically the sid with drums, it sounds rough and needs new & higher quality instruments.
I've been listening to this song all morning. I had to re-vote this track as outstanding. Pwns
Great work!
Good clean conversion, the tune itself is so nice that it doesn't call for a lot more to be really enjoyable. It's a long time since we had a Chimera remake... Thanks
I loved your original mix of this, and I love this version even more, with it's extended parts (fnyep) and lovely vanguard basey sounds. Awesome!
You really show who's the Boz around here!
I can hear the Vanguard ;) Good job! Sounds totally awesome. (Totally awesome "chip-sounds" btw)
SO hard to give it a fair rating. This one gets me stuck between a rock and a hard place, because it's - well - different and strange but not in a way that I love it or hate it. Far too much SID or is it what makes it so special? Hell, I don't know..
A little bit less sid and a bit more improving and this song would be perfect
Solid one.
It's kind of just adding polish to a great tune, but it works very well.
You know I loved and always requested the old version which Skitz hated. Now im stuck here cos I dont hear the lead so much as the bass takes over -but cos your a northern monkey I sorta have to love it -its smoother than the v2.
Great work boz, I love this remix.
Excellent work Boz! I love the build up at the beginning, and well the whole thing is cool, awesome!
I love this tuuuune!
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Sounds great and I really love this tune. Perfect, stunning, SWEET! This was a main ringtone in my smartphone for a long time.