Airscape Ride

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Arranged by:
Composed by:
Arman Behdad (Snickers)
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This is great stomp version of this very underated SID but Peter W still has it!
Branko Blastic has made steady musical progress over the years. It's a stomping track, with a really nice arrangement.
The sound is outstanding, but the melody and arrangement isn't outstanding.
Very, very nice version!
In areas like the bass, drums, FX and pads this is superior to Peter Ws version for me, though this needs more content to be a red face.
Yes, that's an orange one. Great!
Orange, orange... WELL DONE PAL!
Like the house beat, nice arrangement all the way.
Very boring and repetitive track and completle unimpressive, but well made
Comparisons are impossible to avoid when there's only two remixes of a track; terrific pounding effort but Peter W's is just slightly better.
I expected it to sound like Peter W's version, so I didn't like it as much first. It's very different, not quite as good as Peter W's but still great on its own. It's a darker "night flight" version. Sounds a bit like something played backward. I love it.
Great Tune
Not my cup of tea, but definitely very professional!

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