BuZZarD - R-Type

Track info
Arranged by:
BuZZarD Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck & Ramiro Vaca
All-Time charts position:
The drums in the intro promise something great is going to happen. Unfortunately the instruments used when the main tune kicks in are too brash - and wrong! Such a shame, I could listen to the drum sequence for ages.
Ambitious remix, but it just ends up sounding really noisy and messy.
It's okay, too much Vanguard sounds in it!;)
Now this is loud, its way over compressed and maxed out to 11, horrible production with nasty instruments.. Louder is not better.
1000 times listened before - nothing new and special. Normal stuff not more than average...
Okay start, but completely falls apart as soon as the off key instruments kick in.
Counter-phenomenon. Quite decent groove that is ruined by the R-Type theme. Mr Hülsbeck, what have your music done with this remix...?_ :)
Starts chaotic, is getting better after some minutes but better remixes from RType exist already
It starts very promising: great groove, balanced mix, all good stuff. Then from 1:52 it all goes to hell: bad instruments, off-key melody, and it gets even more chaotic from there. It's a pain to listen to it. Too bad, because the intro sounded great.
It`s okay
Usually I skip over the intros to get to the main theme. Here, I'm ignoring the main theme to listen to the intro again. The first two minutes are really good. The rest... Well, look, the first two minutes are REALLY good...
Has some good moments, but fails to take-off.

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