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Arranged by:
Buzzer Veteran
Composed by:
Markus Schneider
All-Time charts position:
Not the most exciting arrangement, but it's clean, smooth and true to the original. I quite like it!
Sometimes the simplest ideas work the best, and here's one of them. It's nice and true to the original and has plenty of warm feeling. Okay, so it's a bit repetitive, but so is the original. Not bad at all!
Very simple and very warm, clean to the original but needed a little extra spark to grant it extra marks.
A nice and clean remix of a wonderful SID. I think if it had a bit more mastering
Nice but overly mellow, no surprises whatsoever.
It's nice and warm and it's also nice and warm. What else can be said?
Hey, don't knock "nice and warm"... Although the production would have benefitted from being a bit brasher.
The bass lacks of presence somehow; that was what I liked in the orginal. Overall a little short but at the end good prod.
Too repetetive again. Mixing is ok but the style is kinda boring overall.
I like the "nice and warm" feeling :-)
Good, but not great.
Soft and velvety, nice production overall. A few extra ideas would've helped here to elevate it even higher, but it's really nice as is.
It's good, but it's incredibly Dull
As cool as the original...
Too repetetive. I prefer the OST.
Lovely stuff like it so much

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