Thunder Force (Lazy Days Mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Buzzer Veteran
Composed by:
Johannes Bjerregaard
All-Time charts position:
Again good work Buzzer (: I like your Kaos Remix too
I have seven different remixed versions of this tune that I never bothered to finish :) Lovely SID, lovely remix.
Thumbs up!
Very nice! Love your baseline, but you might remaster the SID tune since it's more "on the background" now. Kick is maybe too hard, but love the hardtrance/dance style!
Marvellous track! Just feels so right, friendly and dreamy. I very like this one, though it doesn't seem too hard to do, I think it's rather because it's so well tuned, what makes it a winner for me.
Nice one, Buzzer! Could have been even better without the SID on top IMO.
It is one of my favourite! Buzzer is just great.
Nice remix. But to me nothing special.
Great sound, nice kinda swing-thing, dunno. Love it :)
It is so nice to listen to it. The time pass so quickly
I really liked this, nice instruments and catchy.
Good job!
Good one, I like sound selection.
Very good remix!
Not bad!

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