The C64Mafia - Crappy (I'd Like to Be Your Enemy)

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Crappy (I'd Like to Be Your Enemy)
Arranged by:
The C64Mafia Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Thomas Mogensen (DRAX)
All-Time charts position:
Arrangement, production, sounds&samples, master: Don Peppino.
Lyrics: Papa Sid.
Vocals&Raps: Papa Sid.
Additional vocals: Sistah Carmela, Don Peppino.

04-01-05: none.
04-01-06: LOL! Just as expected.


I say a one, two, the three, to the motherfucking four
Are you down with the Commodore?
Then walk right in, don't close the door
Cuz we welcome any kind of ho

We're all happy-go-lucky friends
It's all fun until it ends
Anyone can say any kind of crap
But if you talk back you get the cap

Now we all know that you're not mean
As long as you keep it clean
But don't like when you defend the scene
Cuz of any kind of fuzz we're not keen

Though sometimes I've got to vent
But he had a good intent
Dawg, I know, but here's my five cent
Oh, better lock it, it's an argument!

Now why is it always like this
Like what? That I can't take the piss

Even if they get what they deserve
(Hang on!) This line rhymes with fruit preserve

Yeah, but that feels sort of out of place
Fruit preserve's not in your face

Oh, ok...try this here mace
argh aaargh! ...goodness grace!

Those who have no enemies have no frieds
I'd like to be your enemy
and run you down with my mercedes benz

Those who have no enemies have no fun
I'd like to be your enemy
and shoot you down with my gun

ok,ok,ok,ok let's all just CHILL OUT
there's no reason to scream and shout
I don't know what this is all about
Does it make a difference? That I doubt

The thing is that everyone's so fucking prude
Any kind of critisism is considered rude
So any little bickery will start a feud
I some times want to scream SHUT THE FUCK UP DUDE!

Suck it up and take it like a man!
Not everyone here can be your motherfucking fan!
And just because someone thinks you're wrong
Doesn't mean you can never get along

Opinions Oschminions, everyone's got one
And debating it can be quite fun
But if someone disagrees you come crying BOO-HOO
But that doesn't mean they are out to destroy you!

Crappy (I'd Like to Be Your Enemy)
Vote distribution
Superb production, a catchy lead and VERY sharp lyrics
This has got to be the first remix with a DUCK! Eminem/Snoop/Dr. Dre look out!
Very nice and a superb idea. Doesn't catch me as much as some of their other work, but still pretty good
I dislike this kind of music
Very Good Tune... Keep Up The Good Work!
;) I love the subliminal messages
I do not listen to such music - but the red goes where it has to go.
Simply superb mix, idea and voices!
In some ways raises the bar for remixes, excellent. Could be more east coast style though.
This is nice and laid back, parts of it remind me of Senser. And oodles of faithfulness to the original thrown in. Excellent stuff.
The catchy rap lyrics save the show!
The Mafia back again with another great oldskool hip hop tune.
Very good remix, with a outstanding production....
I dislike this kind of music, but the mafia scare me :D
Wype-o-mellow nigga-style vocals and gangabung mix!
Argh, I strongly dislike almost everything about this.. Sorry
Good production, but a bit too mo-fo for my taste.
Hip-Hop gag music is funny, but the accent alone is enough to be funny. Adding the oddball lyrics just annoys.
Don't agree with the lyrics but singing is good.
Hahahahaha!!! Good work... ;-D
Nice thing!
Very good song :)
This is pretty awfull to my ears, the male and female voices sound like they just couldnt be arsed singing! Just my opinion. Good lyrics but I really dont like rap... Soz
Wish people didn't have such bias against rap. This was very well put-together and a great use of the original SIDtune. Props to DHS, Makke & Elsa!
Close to professional sound. Good idea, and nicely done. A new top 10 favourite for me! Not the usual tracker sound at all.
Great lyrics, mostly :D
Hip-hop with coherant lyrics? Excellent! Rap I can actually enjoy.:)
The rhymes are a little crappy, but the style is very... Stylish!:-)
A one, to the three to the mudderf*n fo - are you down with the commodore? Seriously, this song kicks so much ass. (People who diss a song because it's rap - may you learn from KRS-One someday.)
Very, very good.. It's really grooving... Nice entry! And the fuck is that I wanted to Remix that by myself but that one here is to good to compare it with my version!:(
Fun piece.. The chorus keeps playing over and over in my head
Err.... No. Typical foul mouth talking.
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C64 mafia, yeah! Nice flow as allways like this kind of music.