Canvas - Shadowfire (first attempt)

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Canvas Remixer
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Thumbs up for your first try - keep on remixing like this!
Very nice tune!
Yepp! This is the tune! Remarkable resemblance!
Not very pleasant for me maybe not my day for this mix
Neat stuff! This gives a good feeling!
Welcome to the board! It was great to bring an already nice remix with you.
A faithful remake of the original tune with the the same power of the original.
It's nice to see that someone is doing a faithful remix of a song that I am planning to remix since years. The originial is one of my favorites. And your remix is already very nice. Maybe I will challenge you one day! :o)
Never heard this tune before, I quite like it.
Very good remix!
This was a close call, I almost gave it an orange smiley, but in the end, the mixing and somewhat whiney instrument selection prompted me to bring down my vote a notch. Definitely a formidable introduction, though!
This was nice, in the same spirit as the original.:)
Good very good actually well done
An energetic version of Shadowfire - speedy and excellently flowing. Great tune.
Oh yeah, this is great.
Very clean and nice music
Review by bitmage


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

An energetic version of Shadowfire - speedy and excellently flowing. Thanks for the very nicely played main melody. Even more plus is the fantastic part like the refrain at 1:22 - 1:50

The downside part is the bass-line in the most important riff, played at 0:40-0:53. The bass - which is of high importance here - is not at all pronounced. Don't take me wrong - it's still very good, but my rating would have been Excellent if that riff would be better.

All in all I feel very at home with this tune. Thanks so much for it.