Carsten Pedersen - Commando (search and destroy)

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Very electro! Cool atmosphere, but not very interesting listening in all I'm afraid...
What is that? :D Respect! Like the style. Nice remix! But it misses something... And is too repitive. Keep it up!
Nice Idea... :D But a bit too minimalistic. Very good mixing though.
Hubbards original SID is so damn good its not been bettered by any remix, this is a chilled take on it, but doesnt cut it for me, still not bad though.
Quirky style, good idea, but it's a bit too electro, too simple.
Strange but unique style.
Special and unique without going too far off. Good to hear these kinds of interpretations also!
I love this. The original sid is still very recognizable in this very minimalistic, quirky version, that just for some reason... Works. Actually, one of my favorite Commando remixes...
Dark and happy at the same time. It also has sufficient variation for its length. If only the vocoder knew how to pronounce "search".
In the top half of Commando remixes, points for quirkiness if nothing else, but it's all on one level with no real progression.

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