Chabee - Boogie Factor 2

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Arranged by:
Chabee Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Jaakko Kaitaniemi (Reed)
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Wonderful! I'm listening over and over. Feels so gooood!
Agreed with ommoroca.
Cool! Atmospheric. More of this style on RKO, please.
Very nice piece! Some parts of the remix feels akward, but overall very good work!
Very soothing, I could listen to this all day. :D
This remix is simply perfection!
Hi, I am very sorry but I cant add a maximal points. :( I am very liked this, but not one of my favourite. I like the rythm, its very cool, but I need a little bit craft! Keep it up!
Very nice and natural '80s feel without any forced effort, balancing between pop, jazz and electro. I like that :)
Nice and cute tune, my favorite right now. Listening to it every day. Good quality and everything.
The only catchy bit is the bit cribbed from ABBA ("see that girl, watch that scene, [dig in] the dancing queen"), and if I want that, I'll listen to ABBA. Technically competent, but so is J. Lo.
Very nice, but strange samples sometimes...
Not too bad.
Review by LaLa


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

What a catchy little tune! I caught myself whistling it this morning.

I really like the happy chillout style of the remix, I especially like how all the arpeggios have been carefully converted to chords. The bass is a tad weak to my ears, in fact, the entire remix has a slight squeakiness to it. I also wish it used the stereo space better, it sounds too mono.

However, those are small gripes - this is a real gem and a joy to listen to!