chosc - Thing on a Spring (dance remix)

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It's alright. Does the job, but only that. The beat gets a bit boring after five minutes...
The idea was promising enough, but it's been let down by the execution. The opening promises much but as the tune carries on it delivers little. Needs tweaking in terms of mixing and incorrect melody notes.
Thought this was gonna build into a cracker after a slick opening but it just didn't happen sadly.
So much promise, lovely kick, nice trancey samples and then... Poof... It stumbles.
Thought this was gonna be nice when it first started but deteriorated after that and the lead at around 2:38 is just awful
Several times during this tune I get the feeling that it is building up to something big.. But then the air goes out of the balloon. It never takes off.
I already told u via email ;-)
I think this is a really good, different, interpretation of a classic Hubbard tune - give the guy a break!! At least it's "happy" and "refreshing"! Stop being nit-picky and enjoy!!
Dance style does not match the Thingonaspring-feeling IMO. Production could be worse though.
It's an ok tune but it's too slow. Speed it up if you download it to make it about a minute shorter.
Similar here. First 30-60 secs are promising... When the beat started it pulls it down. Later in the mixing - the part with the techno-organ (~1:15-2:15) is also a nice idea but was executed to simpel kind of. Doesn't meet the _absolute_ earworm original!
Not much here to keep my interest. Gets boring pretty fast.
Probably a minute or so too much Spring here, and the intro sounds like it belongs with another song entirely. But individually, pieces of this song sound really good.
Promising, but it gets dull very quickly.
Something's wrong with the mixing, but I can't say what it is. Sounds dirty somehow. I don't like it.
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Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

After a nice start, nothing further happens.

Overall it's quite entertaining! But the lack of variation, a barely audible hihat section, and wrong melody parts make it drift into the average.