Chris Holm - Gray Matters - The Retro Ninja Project

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Gray Matters - The Retro Ninja Project
Arranged by:
Chris Holm Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Matt Gray
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This is a tribute to Last Ninja 2. Not a direct remix, but more of an improvisation on a theme by Matt Gray. When I first started making music, I made covers of the Last Ninja music, and after all this time, I wanted to kind of go back to my roots, but not just make another 1/1 remake, but something that feels like Last Ninja but is still something new.

About the Narrator, I was aiming an over the top Film Trailer voice, or the narrator in the beginning of Anvil of Crom from Conan the Barbarian

Master Baator noticed the guitar is off key, that is just how that sample is made, it's a ready loop thing, I did not play the guitar myself.
Gray Matters - The Retro Ninja Project
Somewhat different and that must be considered when rating. The overly dramatic way the vocals sound made me laugh, but then again it's not something I want to hear over and over again ;)
Intro: HAHAHAHAHA. The rest? Hmm, nothing that sticks out too much.
Calm, easy, good.
Cheezy voiceovers, simplistic but clean arrangement, good instrument selection. I just wish it was a bit more, uh, sophisticated and nuanced.
Original: Yes. Sound Quality = Good. Mental state of the composer = Worrying (the speak? ;-)). The main part of the composition is ok and the break beat is good. But the lead is plain tame, the guitar off-keyed and heard as a whole, the tune lacks finish
A nice variation :) And funny narration, hehe. Cheesy and powerful and the same time. Great sounds too, really good quality.
Strange stuff!

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