Christian Vestergaard - The Great Giana Sisters

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Great emotional connection to the song. Lacking a bit of depth, but all in all; Great work!
The Giana title music lends itself perfectly to a mournful but melodic piano piece, and Christian plays up to that. Great cover!
I've never really liked giana music, but this was pure awesomeness! I wish it was longer though.
What a nice track!
Beautifully simplistic but doing everything it should to get the tune across a contender for the top spot maybe? We shall see. Excellent tune
Great piano music with so much feeling and dynamic - only great
It's not easy to distill a complex piece of music down to two hands on a piano, but you've done a superb job. And you've also injected emotions into it. I wish there was a bit more dynamics in it, but it's excellent as is.
Solid red face IMHO :)
Flawless pianoplaying :)
Quite nice, you embellished a little but just not quite enough for me to award the red. Great job overall.
It's a nice piano performance - well done - but I would like a bit more to give this re-make higher than average.
Great arrangement of a rather poor original SID!
Technically great, but it's just a piano version of Giana Sisters, not more. Anyway: Good
Doesn't really add anything new to the already classic and overdone sid tune. Nicely played, but that's it.
Very good contribution. Your talent at piano will surprise us with future covers!!!
Finally again something handmade that captures the mood of the original perfectly. Some things are best served plain and simple. This is it, nothing more to add; techically it's just a piano, so not outstanding. Doesn't need to be, it's perfect as it is.
Great playing. As a single instrumental, it feels like a glass of clear water. I really like the tension increase after 1:30.
Piano masterpiece...
Very good!

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