Chronberg - Block'n Bubble (Carbonated version)

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A bit repetitive, but the arrangement and mixing is absolutely flawless. Very relaxing, yet unzy mix!
Another top quality hit from Chronblom, just missing his usual originality from this one
Chronblom is fast becoming the C64 remixer to watch! This is yet again an excellent production - great choice of instruments - subtle drums - great mastering. Plus a SID not covered many times before!
Another great mix from Chronblom in yet another style... Just how many different styles does this fella have up his sleeve?
Considering the limited scope of the SID, Chronblom's made another winner of a mix, using the main lead chord and plenty of emotion and style thrown in. Nice one.
Very good mastering but I don't like the choice of instruments (strings, lead, reso) it has. Still, chronblum is one of the guys to watch :)
Nice sound, nice rythm. Masterfully arranged. Too bad that the melody is a bit.. Boring..
Its a very good tune and very well remixed.. But maby repeat itself a bit... But very good!:)
Nice version... But still I'm missing something 'special' in here to be able to give it a 'very good' though! Maybe it's the unz-normality or so...
Repetetive and somewhat boring but props on great production and mastering..
Impressive production. One of the 10 best C64-remixes ever.
Chronblom does it again!
Nice attempt, could be better when instruments have choosen more carefully. It's also too repetitive or lacks in variation...
A very nice remix, as always from crumb-bum.
Thoroughly enjoy listening to this tune over and over. A great arrangement!
I like the chosen instruments, I like the way you arranged everything. Damn, I LIKE IT VERY MUCH! Do I have to say more?
How about Warhawk mixed in this style?
Love it!
Flawless, but almost too sweet arrangement.
Wow! The best remix of this month! Very Good!
I don't know what it is, but your tracks are awesome for programming.
Simple and efficient
Hells Yeah. This is my favorite Chronberg Remix

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