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Chronberg - Great Gurianos (CyberJungle remix)

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Arranged by:
Chronberg Veteran
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Some nice ideas and effects in this remix. In my opinion the drums are too repetitive, but there's no accounting for tastes. Just to sum up: Very good!
Very original :)
Thanks Chronberg! This is just the kind of original stuff I love!:-)
Classic! Strange, I feel like having some... Popcorn!;-)
At first listen it didn't impress me but after a few re-rounds this is starting to kick in.:)
Electro all the way, This is incredibly enjoyable and well made.. Great stuff
Very thoroughly and well made. You can hear all the subtle little extra sounds everywhere.
Excellent Chronberg quality! The mix is nice and clear.
Amazing quality...
That one sure hit the spot, some of the twinkling could've been altered though
Electro, original. Very good work.
Wasn't sure if I should give this a red, but originality, clean sounds and seamless mixing kinda forced me to...
Lovely made, I just love this track
Weird. Weird good.
Cool and different, very enjoyable!
Not my kind of stuff but the quality and production is very impressive. Hats off.
One of my fav. RKO-songs.... Like an energizing injection.
Original. Bouncy. Well produced. Absolute popper! I'm dancing on my chair!
Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Please more of this!
All around enjoyable track.

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