Chronberg - Rupert and the ice castle (Latin Wonderland mix)

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It feels a bit light in places but the entire track smacks of excellence and yet ANOTHER winning original mix by Chronblom
You never know what to expect from Cronblom, I have no idea who he is and he keeps away from the headlights... But yet again this fella keeps coming up with interesting ideas.. Yet again he comes up with something that just works... A little too short tho
Dude! You rule! :D
Wow. I mean, wow. Chronblom certainly knows his stuff. Amazing.
Wonderfully original and full of emotion and feel, this is going to be a contender at the end of the year poll for sure. It's different, and it shouldn't work so well, but it does, with many soft lilting moments along the way.
So beautiful!!!
Very nice idea and excellent piano (both performance and timbre-wise) but cheesy strings/musette sounds
Just one word: OUTSTANDING!!!
Yeah, a red one! Film noir music! Or whatever! I love the pianosound! Wie Arsch auf Eimer!
I'm a sucker for latin pieces, and though some instruments are a tad cheesy, it works overall!
Very very good.. Though I feel the piano is to loud at some places... But very very good indeed =)
Good, bot too similar to a song played with a "Casio" keyboard :-/
Very Nice! Kinda cool to shill out to when u sit out in a summer night! GO CHRONBLOM!
Nice... But don't see the red one in reach...
Lovely romantique!!
Good soundtrack!
Relly great.. I love this melodic tune..
Cant really fault it.. But not really my style.. Mr blom is proving to be a force in the remixing scene though no doubt about that.
Lovely arrangement; Chr0nbl0m r0x0r!
Weird but I do like it.
Awesome. Reminds me of Italian music. Fun.
Cheesy! But according to the title, it's supposed to sound cheesy, so mission accomplished!
Nice tune
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This certainly far outdoes the original piece - this remix has a really mellow feel to it which just is prefect for this piece. The mixture of the instruments and the whole arrangement of the piece is just great.

I love the piano playing - well done and very nice addition to the whole piece.

If there was anything to say that I didn't like was in fact the ending - it felt too "quick" and screamed for a repeat of the piano to come back for its last show, and then to fade out from there - or ending with the piano included. In the way you ended it ... I felt like you had almost cut it off and left me wanting more.

Overall however a wonderfully nice remix of what I thought was a very boring original SID - great work!