Chronberg - Thing Bounces Back (Cheerful version)

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Chronberg Veteran
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Good production as far as I can judge. It's more the style the remixes go I concern about today. Does not really work for me.
Good work Chronberg, it has a nice C64 roughness to it.
Technically this is surely very good, but the style is not quite mine aswell - but so is the original's.
Cheerful it is! The overall mix feels too busy, a bit washed out, but other than that, quite enjoyable!
Busy, funky, funny, cheerful.. Sometime that was what it was all about! Great version!
I thought the elements in the mix fit together quite nicely. Maybe a break somewhere would have been nice. The modulations in the beginning first hit me as a bit awkward but second time aroud they were ok. Excellent work all in all.
Very good, but a bit overdone (too much instruments, too much effects,...)
There have been a lot of bad remakes of this tune. This is fortunately an exception!
Love that remix. Gives me a big retro smile on my face :-) super!
Great version of a cheerful 64 track... I like it Chrongberg.....
It is nice with positive energy and well done
Wow, you managed to get the fun-factor over in your remix. Great remix for a fun SID.:)
Haha :) Very not my style - very my mood :D

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