Chronberg - Wizardry - Bright'n Shiny version

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Interesting style.
Wizardry = top tune, Chronblom = top remixer, together = I get sweaty narks. Lovely piano and the break around 1:30 is superb
Another winner from Chronblom, this is. It's much expanded from the sparsity of the original SID, and has plenty of flow and emotion, nice slow down break at 1:30 onwards as well. Just excellent all round.
Hmmm... I'm too wedded to other slightly darker interpretations, I think, plus some bits are REALLY irritating.
The arrangement and idea are top drawer, I'm just not sure I quite like the final result. But it kind of works, so...
Dischords here and there
Sounds pretty good, cant really complain about it it falls closer to getting a yellow face than a red, edging into the orange thanks to the nice piano noise
I didn't expect this style of remix here! But quite nice take on this.
Very good, but I really cannot give you more than very good, I do not like the style.
I wanted to give it a orange one, but after listening to it some more the effects just seem too be out of place and disrupting the tune in a destructive way. However, it's a cool take, so maybe it would deserve better than yellow...
I agree with prowler and c64. I love the part from 1:35 - 2:06 though, but that has nothing to do with wizardry..
Very good as usual from Chronblom, nice sounding piano too.
This is fantastic :D I especialy love the new take on the melody in the later half of the tune, realy chirpy and happy tune, I'l be keeping this one :D (the drum line could be slightly more varied, but I still think this is totaly excelent)
Interesting arrangment, but the strings are much too artificial. I also miss a brighter frequency spectrum...
Intresting arrangement, but lacking some in instrumental quality. I like this one, will surely play it a couple times, I promise I didnt look at the above comment befofre writing my comment...
Really interesting take on Wizardy. Part cover, part remix. Very inventive.
I would've added more reverb to the piano. Starts out really good (bright'n'shiny, as advertised! ) (0:00-0:36) but then it flattens out fast and the initial momentum is not carried forward. I like the improvisational parts, but there's no good conclusion
Wasn't sure at first, but once you've heard it a couple of times you realise this is a great remix. It gets better every time I listen to it.
Haha! Bright'nShiny.... Yeah!! Hits it like a hammer!! :-D Like that one! Nice drums and definitely _nice_ piano!
I really like you trying something new with it, the choice of instruments, the dynamic feel to it.
Well done, well done.
Some nice spots in it, but all in all on the uninspired side, aside from the melodic/harmonic variations.
Excellent arrangement! It respects the original feeling, radiating creativity and talent at the same time. Well done!

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