Cirdan - In Karate (spacesynth remix)

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Cirdan Veteran
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Yet another 80's remix I was browsing Reyn Ouwehand's HVSC dir and liked the SID. Most of this remix was done already in 2003 but I had problems with coming up good lead sounds so it was under construction for a long time. I'm still not really pleased with all the synthleads but I hope people enjoy it. As usual I added a couple of my own melodies here and there.

Oh and don't mix this up with Hubbard's IK 😉
Also very nice!
This works well
Another damn good mix. A little thicker lead and I would have given it a red face. Still tempted to tho
Proper "gyrating too" chown
Nice, yet I think Círdan has done better tunes. (Last Ninja 3 QSO mix, yum yum)
Reaaly nice... sounds like Laserdance. And I love this style... GREEEAT!!
Amusing, well made, too 80s for me tho (on purpose I guess)
Nice, but too boring for me ;-)
Another good tune from Cirdan, very catchy.
Really cool and has a great 80's feel!
Good work cirdan... Like usual heh
Sounds great! :) Very 80's.
It's nice. Nothing to drool but nicely done.
Pretty fun. Reminds me of of some of the music from The Running Man movie.
Too many trebles, too little bass! And too 80s for my taste! I absolutely don't like it.
Just re-listed to this one today, great stuff!
Closely resembles the original and is both listenable and modern.

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