Craze - Ghost'n Goblins

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Arranged by:
Craze Remixer
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Original composed by:
Mark Cooksey
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I have read the reviews and I want to thank everyone for the feed-back.
Yes, I completely agree, it starts out nice, but then I can't handle the complete change in style that the original SID song does. I started out in a great spirit with pipe organs, and then I just felt short of ideas and inspiration.

I have a homepage where I upload my tunes, but there is not anyone I know that appreciate old C64 remixes, and then I found this forum, so I thought even if the song is not great, maybe someone could like parts of it and it turns out that at least some people have listened to it.
So thank you for the encouraging words. I will work more on the next piece I upload here. I know I can do much better than this.

I have another C64-tune  (demo-tune), but I just can't remember the original SID.
Anyone that knows?

If you can help me with this, I will try to correct the start of this one and upload it, 'cause I think it's better than the Ghost'n Goblins one.
The beginning sounded very promising - but the rest of the arrangement is somewhat uninspiring...
Some parts are good some only poor like some sundays in the church ;)
Loved it!
Nice take on the beginning, but after that, muddy and boring.
Great idea, great organ sound, but after the intro it falls flat on its face. Some intriguing ideas emerge, but overall it sounds much 'smaller' than it could. IMHO, even if it was organ-only it would sound better.
Nice idea with organs, but a lot of arrangemental mistakes. Avoid overlapping sounds (first of all, expecially bass), the result goes muddy. You need some practise.
Very nice organs but otherwise not a very enjoyable sounding remix. Don't give up, just keep working.
Intro is very strong, then fades out.

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