Wings Of Death - Jungle Of Mutants Remix (FX Versi

Track info
Wings Of Death - Jungle Of Mutants Remix (FX Versi
Arranged by:
CZ Tunes Veteran
Composed by:
Jochen Hippel
All-Time charts position:

Here is remix of Level 2 from WINGS OF DEATH.
Original track by JOCHEN HIPPEL

I hope you like it.

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Wings Of Death - Jungle Of Mutants Remix (FX Versi
I really like it. CZ Tunes did a great remix here, very tight to the original. Too tight concerning the drums imho. Great track, great production!
Such a cool track :) I could be nitpicking but I'm not gonna, I enjoy this track!
Great Remix CZ this game is full of great music :)
Very nice. I dont agree with all the instruments but very nice to listen to.
Thunderballs!!! :-D Very good remix indeed! Although, I imagine that this tune can be remixed even better.
Very Nice.
I very like this. Great.
Lotsa bass.
The most uplifting WoD remix I've listened to - turn up the volume! Great prod, CZ.
The FX's Overkilled a very good Remix, Take out poor quality FX's and Samples and then you got an Outstanding Remix!
All in all a good Track and worth listening to.
My favourite music is the last level but The jungle of Murtants rocks, too. Well done!:-)
Pretty good, just needs some fresh instruments.

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