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Jeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
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This sounds too much like a MOD with the sampled electric guitar in the background and very little production valute here.
Again, good solid work here but there's nothing that makes it stand out. Good use of guitar for the lead, mind you.
Like most today's DPK tunes, this one is inoffensive to the ear but that's all. Nice to listen to but nothing special either! And at 5:11 when the wrong notes start, it DOES become offensive to the ear!
Much the same as omoroca said. Each song uses the same instrumentation and doesn't vary any from the original tunes.
Well, at least it's faithful to the original arrangement. Other than that, it's okay but nothing special. Boring instruments, the guitars are too synthetic and lifeless. Meh.
Already all said... Boring...
Ouch. Just "ouch" Da Phuture Kemist. Give your tune(s) more life. Kinda sounds really uninspired. But don't hesitate. You'll find your very own style soon... :) So far all I can give here is a grey one...
Cool! :-D

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