Da Phuture Kemist - Supremacy

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That pan flute appears again and just doesn't set this off on the right path. And the rest of it isn't that good either. Something original next time, maybe?
Same as Waz...
This isn't really bad, however you seem to use the panflute too much in your mixes. The piano-part isn't really fitting in the mix IMHO.
Today's the revenge-of-the-flute day, eh? ;-) I liked it better in Last Ninja 3lev4. A few wrong notes here and there make it even worse. Cannot give this one any more than gray.
Sadly the same instrumentation keeps appearing in your remakes of songs, which leaves them worse off when compared to a lot of the good remixes out there (especially of this song).
The arrangement is pretty straightforward, but the choice of instruments is pretty poor. They are misplaced, mistuned, it's just hurtful to my ears.
I guess the instrument set is limited. Too artificial as always.
Sounds good but again, the flute doesn't go too well with the mix.
Thanks for your remixes Kemist! I hope you'll keep working on remixing and improving your skills. These remixes need more finesse, sophistication and mastering to really be great, but welcome to the scene.:-)
Like it, better technics required

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