Dafunk - Hardcore Power (We Believe In Goa - Remix)

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Hardcore Power (We Believe In Goa - Remix)
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Dafunk Adept
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Edwin Van Santen (R.I.P.)

Your previous hardcore p remix was absolutetly rockin', which got my expectations a bit too high.. As usual, flawless mastering! Pumping beat and cool sounds. But a bit repetetive/simple to listen to, you need a live show! (and I wouldn't say this is Goa)
With prowler on this one. Pretty good work, but previous version was better (one of best RKO remixes)
Oh yeaa partytime!!
Nicely advancing one, good development since the original which is awesome aswell! I just love all the melodic "silent moments" in the middle and especially all those dafunk style, strong low modulation sounds.. Kickass!
It's almost a yellow one, it has so much potential. The bassline is awesome! It sends me back to the good old goa days. Please continue, or send me the bassline ;)
Awesome intro great soundscapes. The unz unz ruins it a bit for me, though its excellently executed.
Starts 08 as he left 07... Top stuff and the sounds are bang on, along with top mixing... Keep it up Master Dafunk......
The reverb is a bit too much for me, otherwice a superb song.
First I thought it was just "very good", but from 4:00 the tune really gets the shit going! Outstanding stuff. Partytime!
How are you not signed yet?? This is commercial quality, GREAT! :D
This gets a red face for turning into capella's move on baby half way through, the sudden flashbacks to the early 90's made me smile and do the little fish big fish dance.. AWESOME STUFF AS ALWAYS!
Standard dance stuff! *Too* standard for my taste!
Top notch tune, clear production, great transitions, prof arrangement and perfect lenght. The hookline is the thing I like the most, awesome work.
This is nice!
Dafunk for teh win! /me dances
Hey Dafunk, this tune makes me want to go out and buy the biggest, baddest speakers I can afford. Awesome.
Simply great!
Now this IS nice, and even nicer than the old version Dafunk did. Chucked this through my Mission m73 biwired floorstanders and that bass is pumping to say the least. The latter part sounds epic trance style too, it rocks!
To shallow but good any way
Good but too "techno"
Bit of '90 Cappella en some Scooter style
Its great and as always clear, concise and well mixed - would make a great track for a dj to mix to and with - great work
Good work. Lead synth sound ruins it.
If my brother likes it then it has to be good... Stonking way to kick off 2008!
Too overrated...
GREAT I am loving this melody!
Is it just me, or seems there to be a little Boz-train after the beginning? *smiles* Besides joking, very nice track Dafunk. Personally I most love the intro on this one.
This musical style is not my cup of tea. The top notch execution is.
Do goa creators fear their audience so much that they have to put artificial cheering in?
I did not listen to Slay Radio for half year and now I checked back and this tune made my day. Great!
Awesome, absolutely awesome tune. Maybe the best one of Dafunk. Great Job!!
Nicely done.
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Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

I'm not really familiar with Goa, but I like a bit of techno, trance and 90's.
If you like those categories you might like Dafunk's 'we believe in goa' remix of 'Hardcore Power'.

The remix is nicely mixed and build up. The style reminds me a bit of Capella and Scooter.
It starts very slow and athmospheric, building up the mood, much like Scooter does in 'Cosmos'.
The beat kicks in at 1:08, but even though this sounds like a long time to wait I wasn't at all bored with the intro.
Unlike many remixes, its produced very well. At around 2:54 we get a rest, making you want to hear more, instead of falling into repetition like some remixes do.
And we do get more. At 6:57 it's a long remix, and even though I dislike long mixes I loved every second of it.

Technically it's well mixed. Artistically it's not just a clone with different instruments, it's well though out and creatively done.
For nostalgia factor.... Well, until just now I hadn't heard the SID yet. Part of the melody does sound familiar to me so I might have had an .mod remix on my Amiga.