Dafunk - Only Hate (the aRise experiment no.1)

Track info
Arranged by:
Dafunk Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Adam Waclawski (Wacek)
All-Time charts position:
Nice and dark (as it should be if doing Wacek) but it's not dark enough in places, it needs to be a bit more Industrial and the guitars aren't rocking hard enough. It's still a very good effort however.
Perfect technique, but not my cup of tea...
You should be getting hired for games soon, if not already. Top quality!
Dafunk goes infected mushroom :-D
Good work! But trying to be many styles at once. Not really what I listen to for enjoyment, rather something that works as a gamesoundtrack (as mentioned).
Weell, not my cup of tea this time, no.
It was more than time for Dafunk to play around with new styles rather than doing the same thing over and over again. This one reminds me of Donné's Knucklebusters! Very nice! More, please!
This tune and style reminds me a lot of the music from Motorhead on the PSX by Blaizer.
Very polished rockustrial tune, its what we've all come to expect from the funkster xD.. Wouldnt of been out of place in the table scene in the film the crow
Usually I don't like neither rock or industrial. But this rocks! :) Love it!
Mixing is cool and works well - not a usual style seen by anyone, thats what makes it special
Guitars I need guitars :)
I had to download the sid, as I don't know the original. And I was surprised. The sid is even better than the remix :) But both songs are very good tunes.
Get a life!!! :P I need some of that inspiration of yours! :D LOL TOP STUFF MATE!
Not bad, but I think it should be a bit darker and more industrial ("Hammer on ambos" instead of snaredrums and stuff).. But quite still a good one.
Love it!
Wow, it rules!
Absolutely brilliant!!! Like something off one of the Quake soundtrack!
Good one! I love the Title.... Muhahaha!
Waz & prowler said it all. Not for outstanding, and far away from (IMHO) best remix. Cheers mate :D
Amazing, amazing, AMAZING... Did I say AAMAZING already? One of my all time fav remixes.. Great crossover, great sounds, great vibe and a great mix! TOPS!
As expected from Dafunk! You are the bomb!
Some more power or dark music would make it better in my opinion
Good job
This kicks ass! Excellent, creative take on my tune. Thanks!!! (and yes, metal guitars rule ;-)

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