Dafunk - Primary Star

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Arranged by:
Dafunk Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Reyn Ouwehand
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Dafunk has injected some great ideas into this fairly recent (2003) SID. The "squelched" drums at the start are a bit annoying but apart from that - TOP STUFF!
I like the effort, but the mixing is a bit messy to my ears. Everything is just everywhere. An excellent idea and arrangement, but could use another round of mixing.
Starts off a little naff to be honest, but when it does kick in Dafunk really gets under the skin of the sid and im sure Reyn would be proud of it
Too complex, and a bit muddy in the mix. Still, great effort.
The overall mastering I feel has killed what would be a very good remix. The vocalist is spot on and impressive but the sound levels sound way too high for her voice to be heard properlly. I also agree drums sounds squelched. Needs remastering.
Something's not quite right with this one. As nice as it is in terms of effort, the mixing just lets it down with the sound levels and those squelchy drums are not good. A remaster would help lots.
That one has soul, I like it MUCH!
... And here is DaFunk! Nice One!
I like this a lot, very different from your other stuff. Not as well produced, but still nice.
Nice work Dafunk...
Nice work :D
Great remix dafunk. Really bloody great! Superb energy and feel. With more effort this would've be a red-head from me. I'm very very tempted though. This is a rough diamond.
I love the drum pattern! Another great tune from Dafunk. :D
Good stuff! But I agree with previous speakers: too much of everything, a bit messed up. Dangerously close to a yellow "good".
A really nice mix, well done Dafunk.
Really like this work Dafunk! But, vocal is not working well at start, later it is perfect. I love those high frequency sounds :)
Voice does not fit to tune... Too much reverb.
The lyrics seem to be outa place from time to time... As if the pattern doesn't fit the speed of the rest of the remix sometimes. Hmm.. But ovrrall it's a great version though.
Love it.. One of my favorites.. But I like muddy tracks..
Great track!
I don't like the drums, they sound like a live version. But the vocal part is very nice.
I love this track I do wish I had the lyrics.
This is definitely one of the coolest tunes on RKO. I just love the rough sound, and the melody and vocal sound perfect together. PS! I think this song would mix perfectly with Boogaloo's "Jammin' loose"
One of my favs - awesome - a few mistakes but amazingly catchy
Another accomplished tune, like the vocal's very much the tune itself is a really different affair to what dafunk usually does and it just seems anything he put's his hand too turns to gold :)
Looovely.. I love the way you arranged the original. Really made something new (better) out of it! Sounds very much like a hit from the charts!! Damn great work..
I must have listened to this a hundred times in the past week. I LLLLLOVE it!
I like it very much. Thanks
Love this song, when life gives me crap I'm being comforted with my hobby <3
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love this song, when life gives me crap i'm being comforted with my hobby