Dan Tootill - Bastard (Tune 2)

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Having missed the mark with Scumball I was still having a lot of fun with soft synths, but I was having doubts about focusing on SID tunes from lesser-known games. I'd always been a fan of the demo scene and decided to try remixing one of the tunes from Bastard by the group Breeze. The original SID is brilliantly done; I love the syncopation in this tune. If you haven't watched the demo I suggest you do!


The remix was fairly easy to do; almost all the sounds have a long filter sweep of some sort and they worked well together (probably more by luck than judgement). The original composition is strong enough to keep the momentum going and I had a lot of fun adding a few touches here and there. I was happy with the drums at the time but they could have been so much better. The open hi-hat at towards the end of each bar is just annoying.


This was the first of my remixes to go orange on Remix64, which was a proud moment considering the quality of so many of the submissions. Definitely a sign that I was getting better at this, but listening back in 2015 I'm not sure I've progressed that much since! The gut-wrenching bass is nice, if only I could remember how I did it...

Good sounds, nice flow! But something's missing, can't put my finger on what it is.
WOOOOOW, this tune is AWESOME, can't understand it only gets yellows!!!??

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