Dan Tootill - Ocean Loader 2 (Cheat Mode Remix)

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Dan Tootill Veteran
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Some nice comments against this one despite the relatively low score; someone obviously enjoyed it! I remember getting excited about it at the time because I had recently bought a proper analogue synth. It was an old Korg and used samples from it for all the instruments; in hindsight I should have taken a MIDI output from the sequencer and recorded each track directly from the synth. I wasn't used to working with outboard kit at the time.


I spent a long time picking out every note from the original SID, trying to recreate the feel but with a very different sound. The notes are not entirely accurate and the glides are way off. Moreover I didn't recreate any of the plexes; something I put right on my second remix of this tune. While some of the synth sounds do work, the samples weren't great and the overall mix sounds really tinny. What became the Lost Re-remix '06 version was really what I had in mind, so I would urge you to listen to that instead!

Surprised at the negative reaction; this is one of my fave OC2 remixes
Only the a-little-thin sound prevents me from giving this an Outstanding. Great remix of my favorite Ocean Loader theme! Added to my collection.

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