Dan Tootill - Ocean Loader 4 (Lost Prophecy Mix '04)

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This remix was never considered finished. I wanted to work on it some more before releasing it, but parked it while I worked on some others. A short time later I lost the entire contents of my hard drive and this project was thought to be gone forever, along with several others. That was until I found a back-up while clearing out a load of old discs almost 10 years later. I wasn't working on any music in 2014 as I didn't have enough free time, so I decided to release this as-is rather than it never see the light of day.


When I began to revisit tunes I'd remixed before, I was thinking I could improve on my previous attempts dramatically. While I would usually try to keep the remix faithful to the original SID, there would be little point in making a second version unless I did it in a different style. In this case the style was some sort of trance, i.e. thump, thump, thump, thump and lots of gated arpeggios. This was never really my thing, but it was just kind of going that way.


The main melody went through some subtle changes and I tried adding extra notes to help it fit the trance style. The SID-like second part was played on a Korg Prophecy synthesiser, which I recorded live to make use of the aftertouch. Again the drums don't sound too good listening back now. Damn those open hi-hats!

Nice chords sounds very trancey circa 1994...
Very pleasant piece well done
I like its atmosphere, the arrangement is pleasant enough, but the mixing could've used some more work.

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