Dan Tootill - Sanxion Loader (Lost Hypothalamusik '08)

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This is another that I thought I'd lost after a hard drive crash in 2008. Before the data loss I had been holding off its release, waiting for some inspiration to strike and hopefully make it more unique. When I found it on a back-up DVD, all I had was the mix (not the individual tracks) so I decided to release it as-is, which is why I didn't notice the silence at the end of the MP3. Sorry about this guys.


I was really happy with how it turned out; as usual I didn't use any elements of the original SID. It borrows heavily from Rob's own Zzap! 64 Thalamusik remix and I spent a lot of time making sure all the pitch slides correct. The Theremin sound that accompanies the lead synth, Moog-ish bass and metallic noises seem to work well enough to save it from the grey votes. I wish I could have worked on it for longer and done a better job of the EQ; maybe then it might have gone orange. Maybe next time?

Has everything it needs!
Very faithful to the original, many good instrument choices. Nice job!
Like it. Faithful remix with the glides...
Well done :) nothing to complain about
I like the instrumentation, but the overall mix is thin and unpolished. Also there are 45 seconds of silence at the end of the MP3.
Amazing remix, very high quality

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