Trans Atlantic 2007 (Demostyle House Mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Daniel Somma Remixer
Composed by:
Gustav Grefberg (Lizardking)
All-Time charts position:
The production is spot on. But this is one of my all-time-favs, so the expactation is high and it lacks the feeling of the original. Also the instrument in the 2nd part sucks big time (tuba?).
This is just shy of outstanding in my opinion mainly due to the poor choice of lead instrument and over use of delay!
Horrid, unimaginitive 'clone' of the original.
Absolutely enjoyable tune, I really really love it! Great vibe!!!
Very good tune with some highlights close to red...
Good shit Daniel!
To be honest, the original appeals more to me. (I listen to it quite often). But it's a decent tune.
Catchy, old-school and powerful! Close to red, dude!
I can't remenber the original but it sounds good
Wow, that rocks. Thx.:-)
Prefer the original, but this is okay.

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